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Amy Crowe Secrest is an artist during her free time and a ‘corporate’ gal by day.

Amy Wilson Wellenstein began drawing her incredible underwater sea creatures for us out of her love, as well as her husband’s love, of scuba diving. Her altered books are brilliant too!  Amy has been published in most all industry magazines, as well as Tweety Jill Publications books.

Arwen McCullen is an original costume seamstress. She was always creative as a child. Whether through drawing, writing or sewing, she expresses herself and her art. Her passion is GLOOMY, her style Gothic. Arwen resides with her daughter and 3 cats in a village in Germany.

Carol’s Collection That’s me. Since college days I have been hoarding quotes and sayings and now have a notebook full from decades of collecting. And, since I cannot draw, I have turned some interesting family photos, as well as those family photos of a friend, into fun rubber stamps. My criteria for a good photo is one that makes me laugh. I hope you too will enjoy!

Daniel Torrente and Jill Penney met at art college, married (on Halloween, of course!). Their drawings are a perfect pairing for our rubber stamp line. Jill has drawn images such as the Quasimoto group, Moonbelly, and Babycakes. Her style is sweet, clean and open; great for applying colored pencils or watercolors. Daniel images are very detailed and intricate.

France Papillon lives in Belgium. Although no classical schooling for France, she is mastering rubber stamping, drawing, inks, acrylics and pastels.

Janet Klein has been drawing all her life. A retired grammar school art teacher who did some of the most incredible work with her students, has been published in most of the industry magazines as well as in Tweety Jill Publications books. Janet resides with her husband Jess and two adorable doodles in Arizona. .

Jo Capper-Sandon lives in Great Britain with her husband and sons, Zak and Kane. Not only is she great at drawing and putting wonderful compositions together on paper, she is also a nature photographer. Stampington has featured Jo in The Stampers Sampler and she is a regular contributor to the CRAFT STAMPER magazine in Great Britain.

Josie Cirincione resides in Phoenix.

Karen Hayselden (aka Kassa) states she is from a glorious part of England - Yorkshire, where she loooves to drink copious amounts of Yorkshire tea swaperoo'd for red wine in the evenings. She lives there with her husband, beautiful daughter ChloŽ, and a furry gang of 3 (a pug named Sammy and 2 large breed boisterous Leonbergers, Leo and Ruby). Karen giggles, “Ruby, the Leonberger, often likes to get involved with 'our' art. ’Tis her big nose she manages to shove into most projects, and more often than not, her swishy tail is covered with gesso, paints and glitters; oozing colorful girliness!” Coming from a family of artists, as long as she can remember, Karen has been creative. “It just runs through my blood, so-to-speak. I'll give anything arty a go, but my real love, after creating kooky-quirky sketches, is mixed media filled with tiny details! Details take me into my own little world and imagination (a happy place to be), creating what I call my 'Happy Art’. Oh, not forgetting coloring in (sooooo relaxing), and doodles have to be in there too! Sharing with lovely friends has to be the best part!”

Kate Crane lives in the north of England with her husband, two children, several small animals and a dog. In real life she is a school teacher, but in her free time she loves to play with paint, inks, rubber stamps and anything else she can get her hands on! She has a passion for mixed media art, especially art journaling, and also loves drawing and rubber stamping of course! She has been on several design teams including Stampotique Originals, and has produced DVDs and written regularly for various magazines both in the UK and the USA. She has a passion for teaching and sharing her ideas and techniques, and holds regular classes in various locations.

Kira Nichols was born an artist. A search through her childhood mementos would expose piles of oddball drawings, handmade miniature books, and photos of her dressed in paper costumes. She resides in Alabama where she creates things every day, kept company by her supportive husband her two adorable sons and a few other critters, furry and feathered.

Kitty Tatman lives in Kentucky, USA with her 2 kids, 3 dogs, 4 lizards, and 5 crayfish. While she is definitely a mixed - media gal at heart, she also dabbles in assemblage, polymer clay, and watercolor. She has been drawing since she was a little girl and loves art history programs and books.

Kylie D’Orio is young, enthusiastic, energetic and drawing comes second nature to her.  We met Kylie at her parents’ bird shop; thus her drawings of our feathered friends.  Although Kylie can draw anything, we asked her to draw exotic birds.  We love her work and know that there are others out there that love handling birds; love sharing their home with a feathered friend or two!  Kylie’s art will speak to those people.  She has captured the spirit of the individual breeds.  We wish Kylie a long and wonderful life in the arts!!!

Linda Peterson has been creating art for as long as she can remember from pastel portraits to mixed media paintings. Finding one medium to stick with is one thing she's not been successful at so that is why she feels mixed media is the best choice for her. One day she decided to design a simple girl with a big message and that is how Hazel was born. You can find more of Linda and Hazel at

Magda Polakow resides in the UK after having grown up in Gdansk, Poland. She lives with her husband and two furchildren, a Beagle and a Vizla. Magda has always been crafty and loves to draw and paint, but in recent years mixed media and art journaling have won her heart. She loves color and layers. You can find her at

Maria Raita Sabina comes from a small town in Romania and she has studied painting and graphics and is currently a student of photography. Many of her works have been featured in local exhibitions throughout Romania. Her blog, says "Experiments and creations with R. Maria Sabina, and true to that word many of her works contain original ideas and amazing examples of her special technique. She's also a cardmaker and her stamps are designed to be used for cards as well as illustration. Please contact Maria at with any questions.

Maryse Carrier We love what she does and so do her followers!  Maryse’s images are whimsical and open, leaving lots of room for watercolors or colored pencils.  These images make you smile.

Olivia Thomas started drawing when she was old enough to hold a crayon and also began sewing at about the same time. Olivia is an inspiring artist as anyone who has taken classes from her will attest.  Her work has been in all of the industry magazines, plus some specialty publications by Stampington  and  the magazine, Cloth, Paper, Scissors.  You can find more of her work at

Roc Nicholas has always had a great love of art and she credits that love to her mother. Roc married her grade-school sweetheart and together they have two adult sons and two grandsons. Roc resides in both PA and FL. Presently she teaches rubber stamping and journaling classes.

Susan Mahoney is a mom of two beautiful girls and Susan says she draws at night to unwind.  Her images are unusual, curious and atypical; outlandish, but have a special softness to them. Do be sure to take a look at them!  They are great for children, as well as those adults that want the uncommon.

Tera Callihan I am a dental hygienist, but art is my passion! I have a major addiction to anything crafty, but especially rubber stamps!! I was born into the world of art. I am blessed to have an artist as a mom, so I have always been encouraged to play and explore with different forms of arts and crafts. I live in Ohio, USA with my amazing husband (and high school sweetheart). We have several rescue fur-babies (3 cats and a dog). Visit me anytime on Instagram at or on my blog at

Terri Richardson lives in central Oklahoma, in the country, with her closest neighbors being her family. She has a grown son, her worst and best critic, and 2 cats. She feels there's an arrow somewhere in the woods pointing to her house that reads, "pushover this way" because all the wildlife and strays seem to end up there. Terri started drawing in her early twenties and later went on to craft shows. She always intended to go to art school or take some classes but never got around to it. Now she just makes art for fun and to trade, although she gives a lot of it away. Much of Terri’s time is spent doodling, painting, watching art videos, playing video games, and playing a hammered dulcimer or native American flute.

Tini Lubberink (1966), was born in Veenoord, a small village. Right now she is living in Groningen; the northern part of the Netherlands. Creativity is an important part of her life. Painting, designing, drawing, writing, rubber stamping or finding solutions for problems, she loves working on it. The Teeth Family were born in a workshop from Kate Crane. Art journalling in combination with design your own stamp. It is a real honor to Tini that Stampotique invited the Teeth Family to become a member of the Stampotique Family. She is very grateful for this opportunity. You'll find my blog at

Tracy Scott A life long passion for art and crafts has led me to a wonderful world of colourful discovery... a self-confessed 'colourholic'. I like nothing more than getting my hands covered in inks and paints and I love to reach into the depths of my imagination to see what amazing characters are lurking ready to emerge into my brightly painted fantasy world!!! Visit me at

Virginia England I live in the country with my 3 cats (although I’m more of a dog person). I spend most of my free time in creativity mode… where is that on/off switch? Although I’ve dabbled in many “crafts” over the years, my current passion is furniture painting. I stick with Gothic and Whimsical themes but there is nothing like sitting down and creating a card or journal page using one of my many Stampotique Originals stamps. I've never considered myself much of a drawer. I suppose because I always wanted to draw “realistic” drawings; perfection, that’s how I wanted to draw. But I had a friend convince me that I could draw and once I accepted that I couldn’t draw “perfect” but could draw “imperfect”, I set out drawing some silly characters. They’re not perfect or, as my friend would say, they’re perfectly imperfect.